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An Enchanted Universe

Visit the Château de La Flocellière’s Park


The park surrounds the castle on all four sides. Thanks to the location of the buildings on top of a rocky hill overlooking the beautiful countryside, the park has a wide variety of landscapes filled with streams, ponds and 200 year-old exotic plant species.
The park is divided into 5 different parts which guests are free to visit during their stay at the castle:
In bypassing the keep, guests discover a large terrace looking over a beautiful landscape filled with hills and fields surrounded by typical Haut-Bocage hedges. An old farm that was already mentioned in documents dating back to the year 1090 is located on the other side of the green valley where visitors can see the remains of the castle's old windmill in the small woods on top of a hill.
The terrace was actually a courtyard of the castle before the fire of 1794. It was completely enclosed and surrounded by houses and a chapel. It was eventually transformed into a classical garden with rectangular flowerbeds surrounding the old well and accented with neatly trimmed hedges.

Visit the Park from June to October from 2pm to 6pm


Groups of 30 to 50 people are welcome, by reservation.
Guided tours include the history of the castle, a visit of the surrounding area and a tour of some of the castle's rooms with the owner:
Price for approximately 40 people: Tour: 120 euros
Private guided tour of the castle with the owner: 5.00 euros
Length of tour: approximately 40 minutes
Welcome, History and Guided Tour of some of the castle's rooms
Private self-guided tour of the park: 3.00 euros
Children accompanied by an adult: free
Coffee, tea, brioche, biscuits and orange juice can be provided on request only for groupes
Opening times: from June to October from 2pm to 6pm
Gift Shop: souvenirs and postcards available for purchase
As in all public and private monuments and museums which are open to visitors, minors must be accompanied by an adult both outside and inside the castle due to safety reasons. Pets are not permitted inside the castle, including animals that are carried or kept on leashes.



This garden is located at the foot of the old feudal walls, situated to the west of the castle. It is a beautiful reminder of the gardens that existed during the Middle Ages in front of many fortifications and castles. Here, guests will discover the fruits and vegetables that the lady of the house uses for her meals at the castle and homemade breakfast jams.



This part of the park is located in the small valley situated to the west and north of the granite hill on which the castle was built.
Starting from the medieval garden, head down towards the pond at the bottom of the fields called Tire Peine. Since the Middle Ages, or perhaps even before, this pond provided the castle with an abundant source of water. Arriving at the banks of the pond, take the path in front of you, with the old washhouse on your left. Continue for a few hundred meters. This path winds around the hedges and leads to a small field below the castle.
Along this field, you can admire the old chestnuts trees emerging from the hedges. To the right, enjoy a beautiful view of the castle and pond further down to your left. At the end of the field, a passage through the wall leads to the castle and its romantic park.



This part of the park was planted approximately 200 years ago between 1800 and 1820. It is a beautiful example of a landscaped park where nature and true arboreta are at its finest. It is made up of plants coming directly from their country of origin, mainly from areas in North America, Latin America and North Africa. Here, you can discover beautiful giant sequoia trees of over 30 meters high, two magnificent Atlas cedars, an araucaria and a rare Thuja Plicata (western red cedar) from California. Many branches grew from the trunk of this tree and eventually formed a whole forest all by themselves. You will also find many other beautiful species such as ash, alder, hazel, oak and sweet chestnut trees.



This garden consists of 3 terraces and lies at the foot of the Renaissance-style facade to the east of the castle. The large staircase leads to a central path that cuts across the garden made up of terraces enclosed by Medici vases.
The garden's different levels highlight the front of this wing restored during the early 17th century.

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